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writing letters to the irs. but this entire environment of casting aspersions on these groups began and was, in fact, fomented by the president. he was out there giving dozens of speeches, naming some of these groups by name, criticizing citizens united, suggesting some of these groups might be operating illegally. saying, we don't know where they're getting their money. maybe they're being controlled by a foreign corporation. if you work for the irs, you work for any federal agency and you hear the president of the united states making allegations like that, there is certainly a reason you might sit up and pay attention, or do something about it. so he helped create this environment not only by doing that, but during the election, for instance, by going out and targeting the romney donors by name, putting out the fact that calling some of them less than reputable. one of them ended up actually in after being named by an obama web site in this manner and ended up getting hit by three federal audits in four months. >> this is going to be moving ahead, we'll be covering this every wee
. that is not an environment where this country can prosper, where this country can continue to grow, and it foments the skierss of the american people to start new businesses. >> neil: i know you were around during that time, ben stein. what are the big differences? there are mumen multiple scandat only the irs, but the justice department targeting the ap, hitting companies to promote the health care law. i could go on and on and on. i think there are a lot of these that could differentiate from watergate. what do you think? >> watergate was a totally different situation. first of all, the media was against the president. in this case, the media, except for fox news, is for the president and is laying down their lives to defend him despite a slight showing of rebellion in the white house press room. the main thing as charlie said, in watergate we were facing very big inflation and stagflation because of the oil embargo. demand was falling rapidly. earnings per share were falling rapidly. that's what the market cares about. it doesn't care about humiliating mr. obama. it wouldn't care one bit if mr.
to energy and better environment. >> rick, you can have national goals. remember jfk saying i will put a man on the moon in ten years. we did it. the united states did it and the government was entirely involved in that. but what is the private sector goal? >> i have no objection to taking advantage of the opportunity. if we are a world force that is a wonderful thing. where i get nervous about the all in. there are down sides to this kind of energy. i recognize it will produce jobs and benefit our jobs. but don't lose sight for the long-term. here's what i propose, make it easier for the development of the oil shelves. but in return ask the energy producers to get involved in developing better sources of energy. >> rick, i realize, monte hall, let's make a deal. >> somebody out there. >> mike, this is how important this report is. here's what they said. you can't overemphasize this. the supply shock created by a surge in north american oil production will be transformative to the market in the next five years as was the rise of chinese demand in the last 15 years. we have the potential of o
may sit up and pay attention or do something about it. he helped create the environment and also going out and targeting romney donors by name, putting out the fact calling some of them less than reputable, one of them ended up after being named by an obama website in this manner ended up getting hit by three federal audits in the space of four months. >> paul: we will be covering this every week. still ahead, despite the scandal engulfing the agency, irs is undergoing a big expansion, thanks to new role as chief obamacare enforcer. what you need to know, next. all business purchases. so you can capture your receipts, and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning... to like 1,000 bees that were just stinging my feet. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4